Thursday, May 22, 2014

Courtney & Grant - A Birthing Story

I have captured a lot of beautiful moments for this couple, but this session may top them all for being the most emotional. This was my first birthing session, can you believe it?!? I was terrified to do this, I mean, I was asked to photograph a birth, A BIRTH!! From the moment I got there though I felt as comfortable as can be. Courtney was a rock star throughout the entire thing - she barely made a sound! I don't have children so when I think of child birth I think of what they show on television. You know, screaming and yelling and screaming oh and did I mention yelling?? Anyway, she made the entire thing look easy. Her husband Grant and her mother were fabulous coaches, they made me feel like part of the family. Once Delaney Vaughn was born I bawled my eyes out - I mean SOBBED. I could barely take pictures! I'm so thankful they had me do this for them - It made my year to see such a spectacular moment!! So here she is everyone, Delaney Vaughn. :)